Our Mission

Welcome to the American Association of Latin Orthopedic Surgeons AALOS

The Officers and Membership of  The American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons would like to extend a warm welcome you  to from our organization. ¬°Bienvenidos colegas!

AALOS is an organization  of Orthopedic Surgeons  that promotes care for the Hispanic Population in the United States. We offer membership to all orthopedic surgeons who deliver care to our Hispanic Population and have an interest in culturally competent care for this expanding population.

Our organization is involved in improving the representation of Hispanic physicians in the orthopedic workforce. We work to mentor high school, premed and medical students who have an interest in orthopedic surgery. This is done through community outreach programs scholarships and  individual mentoring. We hope to foster the growth of our future

Hispanic Leaders in Orthopedic Surgery in the years to come.

We are also involved in musculoskeletal and health equity related to  the Hispanic population. We hope to better understand the musculoskeletal needs of the Hispanic Community and to be a force in improving culturally competent care for this population

Our organization has an annual meeting and luncheon in conjunction with the Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons Meeting. We give an annual award to an individual who has made significant  contributions to our profession.   We discuss numerous issues involving musculoskeletal health of the Hispanic Community.

We hope that you will consider becoming  a member of  AALOS and join us in improving diversity in our field. We welcome attending surgeons, residents, fellows and medical students.